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There is something about loons that just catch our attention. It could be their black and white bold patterning or maybe it’s their unique parenting skills where they protect their young by having the young loon chick ride on their backs.

The New England Photography Guild is proud to show you our view of this remarkable bird. These images have been taken in various spots around New England. Please don’t ask where because as John Vose wrote in his article, “Man is one of the biggest factors in the decline of the loons in New England.”



4-day-Old-Loon-Chick-Rides-on-a-Parents-Back-copy.jpgCB125-Loon-chick-preening-its-parent-.jpgA-Loon-Chick-spends-some-quiet-time-on-a-parents-back-copy.jpgLoons getting a ride from momJeff Sinon2.jpgGX4-24--Pond-Morning.jpgButch-Loons-(1).jpgButch-Loons-(2).jpgButch-Loons-(3).jpgJohn-Burk-loon.jpgCB257.jpgButch-Loons-(5).jpgButch-Loons-(6).jpgGrafton-Pond-Loon-Chicks-Nap-time-for-everyone-photoguild.jpgGrafton-Pond-Loon-Chicks-Peek-a-Boo-photoguild-site.jpgCB509-Loon-carrying-two-chicks-61.jpgGrafton-Pond-Loon-Chicks-photoguild-site.jpgJeff Sinon1.jpg

The Guild members who submitted images to this gallery are:

Butch Lombardi – East Bay Images

Gustav W. Verderber, M.S. – Sojourns in Nature

John Vose – Jericho Hills Photography

Jim Block – Jim Block Photography

Music was mixed by Jeff Folger of Vistaphotography




  1. pat Davis August 13, 2012 at 18:49 #

    Just wonderful-what a treat…

  2. Sharon Fiedler August 14, 2012 at 11:41 #

    How wonderful! Thank you!

  3. Judith Howcroft August 20, 2012 at 15:23 #

    Just beautiful! Thank You.

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