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Partridge Brook Reflections

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For over 30 years I have served as a member, webmaster, and photographer for the Conservation Commission in my rural community of Chesterfield New Hampshire. I have used my photography to support the commission’s effort to preserve the town’s open and wild spaces, but I have also enjoyed photographing throughout all of New England. In recent years I have focused on the Monadnock region of New Hampshire and southern Vermont and my photographic wanderings have strengthened my love for this region at the heart of New England. I also have a strong attraction to the spectacular New England coast. I grew up spending my summers in Gloucester and cruising the coast from Acadia to the Elizabeth Islands. I try to get back to the ocean whenever possible to refresh my photographic eye with a whole different set of opportunities.

Broad Brook Autumn Guiolford Vt

Photography has been a life-long passion, which has intensified since I moved to the beautiful Monadnock region. Beginning with my father’s old 35mm camera, I have explored various formats, up to a 5×7 inch view camera, in both color and black and white. At an early age, I discovered the creative control that the darkroom provides and the experience has ingrained in me an insistence on controlling all aspects of the production of my images. In the last few years, digital imagery has gone from a curiosity to an established choice for high quality photography. The digital darkroom provides the opportunity to achieve a higher level of control over the final image than is possible with conventional film photography and opens a wide range of exciting new creative possibilities. The recent development of high-resolution printers with excellent archival inks and papers has broken the final barrier to the production of high quality, long lasting digital images with complete control from natural light to the final print. It was these developments that led me over the last several years to feel comfortable producing work for a broader audience.

My images have been digitally captured in high-resolution. They are initially recorded in RAW format and then carefully edited to better approach my vision of the natural experience. Prints are made on a high resolution, large format Epson printer. I use acid free archival paper and conservation grade mounting and matting materials. With care, these images should remain brilliant for a lifetime, meeting or exceeding the life of standard photographic prints.

My work can be seen at a number of juried galleries in the region, in publications and on my web site at:

For several years I have regularly blogged about photography in New England and beyond. Currently the blog contains over 60 articles on a wide range of topics at:

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Thanks for coming by to share in my passion for the unique beauty of New England.  I look forward to hearing your impressions.

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