New England Winter Photography and Tips

Winter photography is harsh on the photographer and gear. Nonetheless we regularly head out to capture the winter magic throughout New England. Local towns, cities and harbors brave the frigid cold with beautiful holiday lights […]

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New England Covered Bridge in Winter

New England Covered Bridge in Winter My Favorite New England Covered Bridge in Winter has what has been termed the “worst name”. From my experience, our ancestors arriving in the new world were not very […]

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Romanticism and The Landscape Photographer

Romanticism, the Art Form Although its definition has been debated profusely for decades, Romanticism generally defined was an artistic and intellectual movement originating out of the late 18th and early 19th century Europe. Its movement […]

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2017 Best of New England Photography

Our 2017 best of New England photography blog required tough choices to be made and it was not an easy task. 2017 was a busy and creative year for the New England Photography Guild and […]

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Photography and the Changing Environment

While the causes are the subject of considerable discussion (and beyond the scope of this article), research data and field observations clearly indicate that our environment is changing at a rapid rate. The effects are […]

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The Leaves Are Down, What Now?

After They Fall. Landscape photographers live for those few weeks every year when the leaves turn from green to brilliant shades of red, yellow, and orange. Sadly that color only last those few short weeks […]

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Seeing Multiples

Many recent digital cameras will capture multiple exposures, putting 2 to 10 photos on one image. I did this occasionally in the slide film days. However, it is easier and less expensive to experiment with […]

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