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Seeing Multiples

Many recent digital cameras will capture multiple exposures, putting 2 to 10 photos on one image. I did this occasionally in the slide film days. However, it is easier and less expensive to experiment with […]

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High quality inexpensive macro photography

Buying a macro lens that can be used on both a crop-frame and full-frame camera is an expensive proposition, especially for someone who just wants to try macro photography. I have two – a Nikon […]

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North Wilmot Church

Many people love photographing old barns, covered bridges, and churches. Although I rarely go out of my way to photographing these subjects – preferring people, nature, and wildlife – I will certainly take a photo […]

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Clark Lookout

It’s a small place with a great view. Just a short walk up an easy trail. It is convenient to I-89 in New Hampshire. What more could you want? This charming and peaceful spot is […]

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Ballooning in Vermont – Post Mills Style

With a title like Ballooning in Vermont, most people likely think this is about the Quechee balloon festival traditionally held on Father’s Day weekend. But I’d like to tell you about a very different hot […]

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Changing Your Perspective

Perspective is a very important tool in composition. Changing your perspective can create very different images.  But to do so you must do two important things. The photograph below from late November 2015 is a […]

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Photographing Icons

Some people take great joy in photographing icons.  Photography should be fun and anything that makes a photographer happy and fulfilled is a very worthy subject. Personally, I would rather find my own images than […]

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