Guild Admission

Guild Admission Guidelines


The following is a brief guideline for the requirements on consideration for admission to the New England Photograph Guild (hereinafter, NEPG).

NEPG is strictly geared towards promoting New England Photographers and promoting images taken *ONLY* in New England.

The following provides the admission process and guidelines that have been set forth by the Founder and Administrators to address our goals.



  • To start the process of admission We want you to join our NEPG Facebook page. The reason to do this, is so we can get to know you. You will not be seriously considered for membership until we feel that we have “virtually” met you. How long this takes will depend on how active you are.
  • Once you are a Guild member we will expect you to remain active on the NEPG Facebook page and submit 2 images at least during any given month month. (*if on safari exceptions are allowed)   Also “active participation in this community is very important and we place a lot of emphasis on this. This “Active Participation” means that you take the time to engage other users by commenting on their submitted photos, critiquing if requested (based on your photographic experience) and making the NEPG Facebook community an interactive “fun” experience for all.  We don’t expect daily interaction but you should be conspicuous in your presence.
  • Create a gallery on your website of (upto) 25 images of your best work. These works should show your passion as well as your diversity for New England life. You can submit this gallery via email to (NEPGuild@gmail dot com)  for review and consideration by the administrator. (Questions can be directed to said email)
  • Be willing to write and submit a minimum of one (1) article once every quarter including 1 to 3 (as needed to support the story) images. Opportunities to write more often will be explained upon acceptance.
  • Promote NEPG on your site and where permissible, other related sites or blogs/forums you participate in.
  • Agree to promptly notify the administrator of NEPG of any changes such as changes in your site status (loss of website or design) or accessibility that would affect NEPG links.


*ONLY* In New England:

Your site (or the site we link to) must predominantly revolve around images taken throughout New England.  If you travel extensively and we feel your site is geared more towards areas outside of New England, consideration would only be given if your site was modified to showcase your New England work.

In that case, you could either modify your site or create another landing page that would provide NEPG with galleries that included ONLY New England images.


Willing to write *1* article every Quarter:

All of our photographers must be willing to write articles that provide an educational, informational or other related value to the viewers of our website/blog.

This will be covered in more detail once you gain acceptance as a contributing member.


*NEPG* Facebook Group:

The NEPG group is stronger than the individual members are alone. To this end we created the Facebook page which is about sharing with the Facebook community. It is a way for this group to show the guild their work and become familiar to NEPG. When possible, new NEPG members may be selected from the Facebook group but may be selected from anywhere based on talent and vision.

NEPG is Limited to a finite number of participating members.

It is possible you may be informed that you have been accepted but placed on a Waiting List.

When an opening becomes available, – the waiting list will be reviewed to fill the vacancy.