2017 Best of New England Photography

Our 2017 best of New England photography blog required tough choices to be made and it was not an easy task. 2017 was a busy and creative year for the New England Photography Guild and its members. The guild members adventured out into all six New England states and captured familiar landmarks and scenery but also off the beaten path imagery of Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Here are some of the members’ most favorite images of the year – enjoy.

Happy, health & prospective New Year!

Best of New England lighthouse sunrise photography at Portland Head Light

Portland Head Light at sunrise by Juergen Roth


Best of New England - Essex Steam Train After the Storm

Essex Steam Train After the Storm by Jonathan Steele


Early Morning on Lake Mascoma

Early Morning on Lake Mascoma by Jim Block

Since my forte is New England fall foliage, I thought I would post one from my trip up to Maine this past October. It was supposed to be passed and gone but the dawn arrived and I walked out behind the Rangeley Inn to Haley Pond and my pulse quickened as I saw what was developing.

New England Photography, scenic fall foliage

Scenic Maine fall foliage see it here in my Fine Art Gallery

Jeff “Foliage” Folger Vistaphotography




Marshall Point Lighthouse Sunset by John Vose, Jericho Hills Photography


Warren RI Waterfront after a storm by Butch Lombardi, East Bay Images Photography.

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