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Flower Photography: The Big Picture

Flower Photography:The Big Picture   Flowers are a favorite subject for artists, whether it be painters, sculptors, or photographers. Speaking strictly about photography, almost every photographer I know has at least one classic macro or […]

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Lucky versus being good, one in the same?

Jeff is on Twitter if you’d like to follow along with him Follow @Foliage_Reports Are you lucky or do you just consider yourself good? The two are intertwined and very rarely am I one without […]

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Last chance for Friendship in Fireworks in Salem!

Last chance for Friendship in Fireworks in Salem! As some may know I’m now a National Park Ranger in Salem and I get to give tours aboard the Friendship (tough job but someone has to […]

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Loons: Symbol of the Northern Wilderness

Against All Odds, Loons survive So far this summer, the wind, rain, and thunder storms have been difficult not only for our spirits in the North East, but for the hatching of our nesting loons. […]

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Waterfall Treasures of New Hampshire’s Hillsborough County

  Four Falls Like most of us I love photographing waterfalls. The courses of water make wonderful compositional elements and the ability to transform the tumbling chaotic water into velvety ribbons is a magical product […]

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Sugar Hill Lupine Festival: Landscape Photographers Dream!

Late May and Early June are busy times for the members of the New England Photography Guild.  The young leaves now on the trees have a gorgeous emerald hue, and look great framing waterfalls and fast flowing […]

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Monarchs on the Move

As late summer rolls along, many signs of the changing seasons are evident: early foliage trees have started to change color, late season flowers such as asters and goldenrod are in bloom, and winter migrations […]

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