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Waterfalls, Wildflowers, and Spring Greens: Late Spring Photo Ops

Waterfalls, Wildflowers, and Spring Greens From waterfalls and wildflowers in lush green forests to colorful lupine meadows in the White Mountains, late spring offers a wealth of photo opportunities in New England. And while the […]

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Flower Photography: The Big Picture

Flower Photography:The Big Picture   Flowers are a favorite subject for artists, whether it be painters, sculptors, or photographers. Speaking strictly about photography, almost every photographer I know has at least one classic macro or […]

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Spring Waterfall Hikes in Massachusetts

Though it didn’t feel like it this past weekend, spring’s arrival is just a few weeks away in the hills of western Massachusetts, and with it comes the opportunity to enjoy the region’s numerous waterfalls […]

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Baby Animals in Spring

It’s almost hard to imagine after a record-breaking winter and cold early spring, but spring has finally arrived in New England. With the recent mild spell, there have been many signs of the changing seasons: […]

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Dreaming of Spring

    Early March is traditionally the “Enough is Enough” season in New England, and this year, more than usual, we have enjoyed more than enough of the glories of winter. The photographic opportunities in […]

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New England Wildflowers: The 2014 Season Finally Begins

As anyone who lives in New England is all too aware, the long winter of 2013-14 was followed by an unusually cold early spring that delayed the onset of the growing season in many areas. […]

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Loons: Symbol of the Northern Wilderness

Against All Odds, Loons survive So far this summer, the wind, rain, and thunder storms have been difficult not only for our spirits in the North East, but for the hatching of our nesting loons. […]

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