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Migration of the Snow Geese

Birders speak of “magnets” for birds. The marshes of Dead Creek WMA are one such magnet. They sit along a major migratory route for snow geese heading south to the Chesapeake Bay area. Each autumn […]

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Cape Ann’s Halibut Point State Park

Fun to Explore in Every Season! Cape Ann’s Halibut Point State Park on Gott Avenue in Rockport, Massachusetts, attracts a wide variety of people year round. Regardless of the season, there’s always fun to be had. […]

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The Warblers Are Coming

Ah, spring. The time of year when birders and bird photographers alike rub their hands together in anticipation of the spring migration of the neotropical warblers as they head north from their winter locations. April […]

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Bird Irruptions

Bird Irruptions in New England A flock of redpolls swept in on the north wind this morning and lighted on the hawthorn that I planted nearby the bird feeding station last spring. This first year, […]

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Stewardship Vol. 4 – Watching and Waiting

Stewardship 4-Watching and Waiting In my last blog I documented the rebuilding of The Johannis North Platform and the building of a new platform in the Jacob’s Point Marsh. After finishing both projects, all we […]

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Of Snowy Owls and an Early Spring

Here in New England, like most of the United States, our “winter that wasn’t” has been followed by an early spring. Record warm temperatures, with the thermometer hitting 80 degrees in mid March, has everyone […]

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The New England Photography Guild Loves Snowy Owls!

This winter has brought a beloved visitor to parts of New England — the snowy owl. Some members of the New England Photography Guild have been quite fortunate and already crossed a snowy owl’s path. […]

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