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A Common Sense Approach to Respectful Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography Ethics A few weeks ago while out driving the back roads of Vermont, I came across a Bald Eagle, sitting on the ice about 40 yards off shore, eating the remains of an […]

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Tips for Capturing Wildlife Photos

I frequently get questions regarding the wildlife images I post. In this week’s NEPG blog, I’d like to answer some of the most common questions. 1. How do you find the wildlife to photograph? A […]

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Loons: Symbol of the Northern Wilderness

Against All Odds, Loons survive So far this summer, the wind, rain, and thunder storms have been difficult not only for our spirits in the North East, but for the hatching of our nesting loons. […]

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Going The Extra Mile — Or Two

Recently, on our Facebook page, one of the fans posted a question. It was worded something like this: “I desperately want to photograph owls. I have very limited time and live in Boston. Where can […]

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Mother Nature Can Be So Cruel… Loons Losing Ground

Sometimes Mother Nature can be so cruel. Earlier this summer, a nesting pair of Common Loons (Gavia Immer) on a western NH lake lost 3 eggs to predation. Being a resilient pair, they had a […]

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Scenic Wonders of Western Maine

Scenic Wonders of Western Maine Having spent so much of my time photographing Reid State Park in Maine, and farms and barns in Vermont, I decided it was time to start photographing areas of Maine that […]

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