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Photographing the Essex Steam Train

As a young boy growing up in a New England town it was an everyday occurrence to hear the local church bells ring out the time throughout the day. As the years rolled on it […]

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Photo Impressionism

PHOTO IMPRESSIONISM As a young girl, I loved art. I wished I could paint and draw like other family members of mine who were incredibly talented in that area. As an adult, specifically as a […]

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Before the Centennial

The date is August 25th 1916, President Woodrow Wilson has just signed the Organic Act of 1916. In doing so President Wilson has created the National Park Service. The mission of this newly created Park […]

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Flower Photography: The Big Picture

Flower Photography:The Big Picture   Flowers are a favorite subject for artists, whether it be painters, sculptors, or photographers. Speaking strictly about photography, almost every photographer I know has at least one classic macro or […]

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Got WiFi?

Back in 2013 when I bought my Canon 6d I didn’t pay much attention to the feature it had called “WiFi enabled”. One would think that with roughly 30 years of working in the IT […]

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Lemonade Out of Lemons

As photographers we all know we are at the mercy of the weather gods. Raise your hand if you have never spent time planning a day or more at that special place only to have […]

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Household items in my Camera Bag

When I head out for a day of nature photography, I like to be ready for any of the myriad of mini disasters that routinely plague my trips.  Making sure that my batteries are charged, […]

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