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Scenic fall colors along Route 16

This is meant to be a short fall foliage trip in New Hampshire and is only about 66.3 miles long. But if you hit every single stop along the way and get out of the […]


A bug’s life captured in Macro

Exploring my garden with my macro lens allows me to capture a world that we rarely notice, until we come face to face with it. (THEN! we run screaming) Most people love to get up […]


Why I Don’t Do Weddings

Do you shoot weddings? That question is asked to me fairly often, and of most of my fellow landscape photographers. For many of us, myself included, the answer is a respectful no. Sure, I’ve brought […]


Shoot Like You’re Shooting Film

Is Digital Making Us Careless?               We live in a world of instant gratification, with the world at our finger tips. Supersized meals, houses called McMansions, cars that park […]


The Subtractive Magic of Photography

“Additive Magic adds to something that is there, multiplies it or turns it into something new. Subtractive magic removes elements of physical reality” (Source: Sword of Truth Wiki) Thanks to “The Big Bang Theory” and […]


Hancock New Hampshire, A New England Time Machine

The small town of Hancock, New Hampshire, is a classic working New England village which is also a time machine into the past. By “working” I mean that it is more than just a New […]


Lucky versus being good, one in the same?

Jeff is on Twitter if you’d like to follow along with him Follow @Foliage_Reports Are you lucky or do you just consider yourself good? The two are intertwined and very rarely am I one without […]