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Got WiFi?

Back in 2013 when I bought my Canon 6d I didn’t pay much attention to the feature it had called “WiFi enabled”. One would think that with roughly 30 years of working in the IT […]

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Lemonade Out of Lemons

As photographers we all know we are at the mercy of the weather gods. Raise your hand if you have never spent time planning a day or more at that special place only to have […]

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Household items in my Camera Bag

When I head out for a day of nature photography, I like to be ready for any of the myriad of mini disasters that routinely plague my trips.  Making sure that my batteries are charged, […]

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Sharing The Land (or at least the location)

Recently, I posted images to our NEPG Facebook Page that I took during my whirlwind fall foliage tour of the Moosehead Lake area of Maine and down along Maine’s western border with New Hampshire. Do […]

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Foliage Outside the Box:Follow Up

About this time last year, I wrote an article called Foliage:Think Outside the Box where I offered up some ideas on how to put a spin on the classic New England fall foliage season. Some […]

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Scenic fall colors along Route 16

This is meant to be a short fall foliage trip in New Hampshire and is only about 66.3 miles long. But if you hit every single stop along the way and get out of the […]

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A bug’s life captured in Macro

Exploring my garden with my macro lens allows me to capture a world that we rarely notice, until we come face to face with it. (THEN! we run screaming) Most people love to get up […]

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