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Patience, Flexibility and the NE Landscape Photographer

New Hampshire has the shortest coastline of any U.S. state. I decided to try to shoot a compelling image for every mile. It’s a great project. In 18 miles (sometimes say as low as 14) […]

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Of Snowy Owls and an Early Spring

Here in New England, like most of the United States, our “winter that wasn’t” has been followed by an early spring. Record warm temperatures, with the thermometer hitting 80 degrees in mid March, has everyone […]

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Cold Encounters of the Snowy Owl Kind

Having never seen a Snowy Owl in the wild before, I was very excited to hear of the irruption taking place this year. With the report of at least two Snowy Owls being seen in […]

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There is a Season Tern,Tern,Tern…..

A few years back, I stopped by Parker Wildlife Refuge on Plum Island in Newburyport Mass, hoping to photograph   Least Tern juveniles. While searching along Sandy Point, I was surprised at the number of nests […]

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Patterns in the Sand

Let’s face it. Our New England beaches are mostly sand and rock, unlike those South Pacific islands that are blessed with shapely coconut palm trees and dazzling turquoise water. Most of the time, New England […]

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