Photographer Locations

If you are looking for a particular area of New England you can click on a pin for the photographer’s website nearest to your interest. The photographers are color coded for the state they reside in.

  • Red – MA
  • Blue – NH
  • Yellow- RI
  • Orange – ME
  • Green – VT
  • Purple – CT

But to be truthful our photographers travel all over New England so any one of them may have what you are looking for. Feel free to hit the contact page and either send the photographer a request for info or just a blanket request which will be sent to all members.


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Jeff Folger: 42.522724, -70.893745
Liz Mackney: 42.659433, -70.615225
Butch Lombardi: 41.730278, -71.282500
Jeff Newcomer: 42.895617, -72.402142
Jeff Sinon: 43.352653, -71.073548
John Vose: 44.503976, -72.997652
John Burk: 42.483775, -72.186669
Brian Bzdula Photography: 41.811755, -71.334229
Jim Block: 43.679294, -72.185240
Tom Gaitley: 42.280929, -71.237755
Scott Snyder Photography: 43.179639, -71.822346
Jonathan Steele: 41.348244, -72.440451
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Jeff Folger
Jeff Folger's  Vistaphotography
Vistaphotography Fine Art Gallery
My Fall foliage blog
The Four Corners of New Evgland
New England foliage locations
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Liz Mackney
Liz Mackney Photography, website: Liz Mackney Photography
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Butch Lombardi
Butch Lombardi, website:
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Jeff Newcomer
Jeff Newcomer, website:
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Jeff Sinon
Jeff Sinon Photography,  website:
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John Vose
John Vose, website:
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John Burk
John Burk Photography, website:
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Brian Bzdula Photography
Brian Bzdula in Seekonk MA.
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Jim Block
Jim Block, website:
Etna NH
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Tom Gaitley
Tom Gaitley Photography, website:
Needham, MA
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Scott Snyder Photography
Scott Snyder Photography


98 Bridge St, Henniker, NH 03242, United States
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Jonathan Steele
Jonathan Steele Photography










Map markers from Map Icons Collection


  1. Jay Shah September 9, 2016 at 13:49 #

    Hello. I reside in Singapore and avid bird photographer. I will be in New England are this October to enjoy and photograph fall foliage. But I badly want to photograph bald eagle. Are there locations –hot spots — for bald eagles in or around Boston? If you were to ask me this question for Grey Headed Fish Eagle in Singapore, I would be able to answer that as I spend lot of time every weekend to photograph them. I am hoping one of you will be able to help me…

    As a side note, I am spending three days in Mcallen Texas for bird photography. But if there was a “must visit” site for bird photography in and around Boston, I am sure I can convince my wife to give me a day pass ! I would love to have a great shot of Blue Jays which I saw last year from distance and did not get a good shot. Since it is a common bird, I hope this goal is more achievable than perhaps Bald Eagle.

    Looking forward to hear from you..


    • Jeff Foliage September 13, 2016 at 06:54 #

      This is not an exact science. Eagles have territories, and now that their young are on their own the birds move around a lot. They congregate along the Merrimac, Penobscot, and Connecticut Rivers in winter. Right now their foot lose and fancy free. There may be areas where he MIGHT see an eagle but guaranteeing a sighting is not something I, or anyone, I think would do. If it were Feb. I would send him to Ct. They run eagle cruises in the late winter when they’re nesting. We had 12 sightings in Feb. when we took a cruise. Blue Jays are common but finding them is hit or miss. Maybe you should contact Audubon or some of the birding groups.

      They may be able to help….Butch

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