Thomas Gaitley Photography

“Thank you for visiting my image gallery.  I try to capture the diverse physical perspectives and cultural moments New England life –  from its coasts and waterways of the Atlantic to its mountainous and rugged interiors, including forests, back roads and pastoral countryside.

My love for photography began in earnest during my sophomore year at college.  My dad gave me his prized camera which became my first film SLR:  An Olympus OM-1 with an optically beautiful 50mm, f1.2 Zuiko lens.

Off and on over the years, I continued to pursue my interest in photography; whether it was while teaching math in Niger for the Peace Corps, trekking around some part of the world (Nepal and New Zealand are my favorites), or just looking for a fresh vision of an ordinary scene outside my front door.

I view photography as art not as photojournalism.  I want to express the emotional response that I feel when I am viewing a scene – to capture the moment, including my very subjective response to it both as a whole as well as its comprising elements.  My goal is to present fine art photographs of the world around me that convey these feelings using all the techniques and tools available to me as a photographer – during both their capture and development.  To me, “the moment” is when a vision is most familiar and my intent is to express that moment in the final image.

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I hope you enjoy viewing the images as much as I did capturing them.”

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