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Quechee Ballon Festival 2015Hummingbird and purple FlowersLady Slipper in the RainChristmas in ConnecticutKenniston Farm in the Falllightning 2-2 copy.jpgRI Buck3.JPGAurora Borealis Over Fosters Covered BridgeTill Dawn FarmSerenityLoon Parent with Two ChicksFox Kits at RestShort Eared Owl at Salisbury BeachA Snowy Owl in Flight over the Dunes of Sailsbury MA Beach Peek a Boo

John Vose of Jericho Hills Photography

I am a self taught nature and wildlife photographer, living in Hartford VT, who has always had a passion for nature, and a deep admiration for photographers who were able to share their experiences and stories so vividly. I love having the opportunity to share my experiences and stories through my photos.

My focus has been on New England’s diverse wildlife, specifically birds and raptors, but I have recently begun exploring the magnificent landscapes that make living in New England so special. I hope that my photos and the stories they tell, will inspire you to experience the wonders and the beauty of the world around us.

Equipment: I am a Canon guy. I currently shoot with the Canon 7D MK II, and the Canon 6D. My lens of choice is the Canon 100-400 MK II, often with the Canon 1.4 extender attached. I also use the Canon 24-105mm F/4 IS. For a wide angle lens, I use the Tokina 16-28mm F/2.8.  I use a Gitzo tripod with a Manfrotto Hydrostatic ball head.

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