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Jeff “Foliage” Folger is a Salem MA photographer who as you can guess from his moniker has an abiding passion for New England fall foliage as well as the rest of the diversity that makes up New England.  I love to travel through the seaside towns to the farms and mountains of New England in search of Iconic New England views. I create New England Photography where ever I go and these images are but a few examples of my work.

In the autumn I take to the road searching out the less traveled scenic byways of New England to find those fall foliage views that New England is so well known for. I love to find White church reflections on a lake or surprising vistas that force you to get off the road to safely appreciate the wonders of fall.

On my blog ”“, I try to answer questions about where I find colorful spots and I make suggestions on where to go to get the most foliage bang for your weekend travels.  I’m also constantly adding links to websites that will help you make good decisions on planning your fall foliage trip

Click the following link to visit my full library of New England Art images on Vistaphotography. Or Contact me with inquiries directly!

I’ve been photographing New England’s fall foliage season for many years now, first as Yankee Magazine’s fall foliage blogger (also their first blogger) and then on my own. I even started my own fall foliage site which is Jeff Here you can find more of my work but for the most part, it’s more about helping visitors finding resources to plan their fall foliage vacations.  I try to contribute with my thoughts on techniques to make your planning easier and to get updates on what I think the foliage is doing in any given year.

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