Jane Ogilvie

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My passion for photography comes from my love for the outdoors.

I am from a small town in the mountains of rural Vermont. I started out photographing plants, birds, and animals in my backyard.  I became very interested in identifying birds and their migratory patterns, which lead me to join Vermont ebirds. This experience has certainly broadened my knowledge of birds.

I have also started to travel further to photograph them– throughout Addison county and beyond. I often go on photography expeditions with friends that I have made through photography, my four year-old mastiff puppy-at-heart in tow.
My photography mantra is “It takes a brain to operate a camera but it takes a heart full of passion to capture a photograph.”  The images I’m most proud of capture more than beautiful scenery, animals, or nature– I try to capture a feeling in them, an intangible quality that reflects my passion for photography.

Photographing is very subjective, but in general a great shot is energizing– it captures the ephemeral essence of a subject permanently. It has energy that is new and a quality that is hard to put into words. It takes a unique combination of light, composition, action, color, and timing to make a great photograph.
When I am photographing, I visualize the shot and once in a blue moon the circumstances come together and my subject will do the right pose in exactly the right light and I know that I have just taken a great picture. When I am looking through my lens, I see the world in a certain way. I imagine the perfect shot– and it does not always happen– but when it does it is like magic.
I am motivated to photograph not only by my personal desires but also to give back to the community in which I live, the people who have made a difference in and had an impact on my life. I have donated prints to the Hospice Volunteer Services and Oncology Department in Burlington, Vermont.

See more of my work at www.greenmountainphotos.com Contact Jane by clicking this link