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The Leaves Are Down, What Now?

After They Fall. Landscape photographers live for those few weeks every year when the leaves turn from green to brilliant shades of red, yellow, and orange. Sadly that color only last those few short weeks […]

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Portland’s Six Lighthouses

  A  couple of weeks ago we were visiting friends who every summer, spend a month at Rye Beach on the coast of New Hampshire.  This is a regular yearly trip, but whenever I get to […]

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Acadia’s hidden carriage road gems

Acadia’s hidden gems, in plain sight When I say Acadia, I bet most everyone thinks Cadillac Mountain or Jordan Pond! But there is so much more! (see below) Nothing that I found is all THAT […]

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New England’s Unique Fall Foliage Viewing Opportunities

As another New England autumn approaches, many look forward to enjoying the colorful fall foliage. In addition to the traditional forested hills and countryside, the region’s many diverse habitats, which include several rare natural communities, […]

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Are You Having Vision(s)?

Okay, I admit it. Using “visions” in a title that evokes flashbacks to the 1970s involving Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” blasting out the windows of a shag-carpeted, moon-windowed van – just to get […]

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20 Ocean Sunrise Shooting Tips

This gallery of photos were shot over a 2-hour stretch on August 15 beginning at 5:15 am and finishing around 7:30 am. Below are 20 quick sunrise ocean shooting tips. None is ground breaking, but they […]

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Scenic Harpswell, Maine – Part 1

This blog is for photographers looking to find some of the hot-spots for scenic beauty in Harpswell, Maine.  Because of its large size and abundant photo opportunities, I’m splitting this series into two parts.  I […]

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