Do You Really Need To Shoot In RAW?.

You Need To Shoot In RAW.   From the day you picked up your camera you’ve probably heard that “serious photographers only shoot in RAW.” The reason most often given is that a RAW file is […]

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High quality inexpensive macro photography

Buying a macro lens that can be used on both a crop-frame and full-frame camera is an expensive proposition, especially for someone who just wants to try macro photography. I have two – a Nikon […]

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Trail Camera – Discover What’s Lurking In The Dark!

The Catalyst Out of nowhere my 7-year old dog suddenly became very wary and skittish when going out into our yard and walking across the property to her usual spot. Along the way she would stop, […]

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All the Gear

All the Gear and No Idea It’s a saying I heard many years ago related to Mountain Biking, but it applies wonderfully to other interests like photography. Many photographers, especially those new to the hobby, […]

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Photo tips for better blue hour skyline photography

The golden hours around dusk and dawn are well known for best landscape, seascape and skyline photography.  Twilight or blue hour, however, is when you find me photographing Boston and strolling the streets of Boston […]

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In Search of the Great Gray

In Search of The Great Gray   Empty Landscape Each winter brings its surprises. As the seasons change and the bird migration takes place, birders and wildlife photographers are always on the lookout for any […]

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Time Stacks Composed

Along the Connecticut coast winters tend to limit subject matter for photography, even more so when they are mild. Coastal sunrises and sunsets are the story here as the sun rises and sets inline with […]

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