Creating A Free “Mat & Frame” For Metal Prints

I have a large metal print of one of my favorite Motif #1 images hanging above my fireplace mantel. The image itself has an oil paint look to it and, as such, stands well on […]

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Hazard Rocks

Hazard Rocks For my quarterly article, I have decided to write about one of my favorite sunrise seascape locations, Hazard Rocks in Narragansett, RI. This is a spot well known to fisherman casting for Stripers […]

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Photography-A Powerful Tool in Conservation

Photography-A Powerful Tool in Conservation A Bad Rap It seems that every day now, new wildlife photographers are showing up-both in the field and online. These inexperienced people, who have almost no background in photography […]

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New England Meeting Houses

New England is known for its long tradition of independence and self-governance, and an historic emblem of these traits are the New England Meeting Houses. The austere style and practical usage of these buildings remains […]

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The “Great Blue Heron” Rookery

In early spring the melting snows of New England flow south along the Connecticut River through Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut on down to the mouth of the river in Long Island Sound. Many […]

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Moving Beyond Landscape Photography

Hi everybody. Scott Snyder here. What I want to do with this post, rather than my usual presenting a new technique or talking about a new location, is share a bit about what’s been going […]

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Dirty camera sensor, DIY or send it in?

Save money by¬†cleaning your camera sensor Before I go on, if you have any doubts please send the camera in for cleaning by the manufacturer. This may or may not void the warranty so check […]

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