Before the Centennial

The date is August 25th 1916, President Woodrow Wilson has just signed the Organic Act of 1916. In doing so President Wilson has created the National Park Service. The mission of this newly created Park […]

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Fix Lens Flare With Your Finger.

Lens flare, those big glowing balls and streaks of light that you often get when shooting directly into the sun, has ruined many an otherwise good landscape photograph. For those of you unfamiliar with lens […]

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Clark Lookout

It’s a small place with a great view. Just a short walk up an easy trail. It is convenient to I-89 in New Hampshire. What more could you want? This charming and peaceful spot is […]

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Flower Photography: The Big Picture

Flower Photography:The Big Picture   Flowers are a favorite subject for artists, whether it be painters, sculptors, or photographers. Speaking strictly about photography, almost every photographer I know has at least one classic macro or […]

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Lyrical Photography Challenge

The Birth of An Idea A recent stroll around my summer garden left me very pleased with how the birds and bees seemed quite content with what was in bloom. As I turned to my […]

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Making a Few Bucks

“Making a Few Bucks” Screwed… I’m sitting here writing this on the eve of The 25th Annual Warren Summer Art Festival. It’s my turn up for a blog and I thought I had plenty of […]

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Photography in the Lead Hours

Mad Dogs and Englishmen We have enjoyed beautiful New England summer weather this year. The days have been mostly clear with bright sunshine and generally tolerable humidity, but, this is New England, so who knows […]

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