The Leaves Are Down, What Now?

After They Fall. Landscape photographers live for those few weeks every year when the leaves turn from green to brilliant shades of red, yellow, and orange. Sadly that color only last those few short weeks […]

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Seeing Multiples

Many recent digital cameras will capture multiple exposures, putting 2 to 10 photos on one image. I did this occasionally in the slide film days. However, it is easier and less expensive to experiment with […]

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Autumn – What’s Around Your Corner?

When it comes to taking a road trip to shoot grand vistas of New England’s spectacular fall foliage, sometimes life gets in the way and Mother Nature fails to cooperate with her timing. This year’s […]

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Peak Panic

Peak Panic  I have been shooting foliage since the 1970’s. Until around the year 2000, my efforts were sporadic, due to the job, family, etc. After retiring in 1998 I had more time to devote […]

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12 New England Covered Bridges and Waterfalls in Autumn

New England Fall Foliage season has arrived and autumn is one of the photographer’s most favorite times. When the leaves change colors across New England and the canopies display their glorious fall colors it is […]

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Portland’s Six Lighthouses

  A  couple of weeks ago we were visiting friends who every summer, spend a month at Rye Beach on the coast of New Hampshire.  This is a regular yearly trip, but whenever I get to […]

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10 Plus New England Fall Foliage Hot Spots and Regions

New England autumn colors are legendary and famous throughout the world. The colorful fall foliage spectacle attracts leaf peepers and nature photographers and starts in the northern parts of Maine and Vermont and makes its […]

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