Five – NOT to miss fall foliage spots

I know it’s only September but October will be here soon enough. The fall colors are only here for a short time and this year that may be never more important than ever before. The […]

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Don’t Forget to Consider Reflections

When you head out to photograph the beautiful fall foliage this season, be on the lookout for opportunities to create a unique view of popular subjects or locations by taking advantage of reflections. Most people […]

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New England’s Unique Fall Foliage Viewing Opportunities

As another New England autumn approaches, many look forward to enjoying the colorful fall foliage. In addition to the traditional forested hills and countryside, the region’s many diverse habitats, which include several rare natural communities, […]

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Photo Impressionism

PHOTO IMPRESSIONISM As a young girl, I loved art. I wished I could paint and draw like other family members of mine who were incredibly talented in that area. As an adult, specifically as a […]

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Before the Centennial

The date is August 25th 1916, President Woodrow Wilson has just signed the Organic Act of 1916. In doing so President Wilson has created the National Park Service. The mission of this newly created Park […]

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Fix Lens Flare With Your Finger.

Lens flare, those big glowing balls and streaks of light that you often get when shooting directly into the sun, has ruined many an otherwise good landscape photograph. For those of you unfamiliar with lens […]

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Clark Lookout

It’s a small place with a great view. Just a short walk up an easy trail. It is convenient to I-89 in New Hampshire. What more could you want? This charming and peaceful spot is […]

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