Time Stacks Composed

Along the Connecticut coast winters tend to limit subject matter for photography, even more so when they are mild. Coastal sunrises and sunsets are the story here as the sun rises and sets inline with […]

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366 in 366: My 2016 Photo-a-Day Project

My most ambitious photography project to date was a 366 day photo-a-day project completed last year. It was a leap year, so 366 days. The Rules My self-imposed rules were simple: 1) Shoot, process, and […]

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Social Media for artists

Social Media for creatives Todays topics (more or less) How do you get the word out about your art? Are you good at marketing your brand? Maybe you never thought of your artwork as your […]

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Visiting Owls From the North

Winter Visitors……. Ahhh, winter in New England. It brings crisp cold air, snow, and owls visiting from the Arctic . Most every year around this time, Short Eared, Snowy, Long Eared, and rarely Northern Hawk and […]

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Animal Tracks and Sign in Winter

Whether you’re a photographer, naturalist, or simply enjoying a walk around your local forest, animal tracks offer an exciting dimension to winter. Tracks and sign are a great way to learn about the daily lives […]

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What if I Lived Here?

The Accidental Tourist Where do you find your inspiration to shoot? I have done my share of traveling. Portugal, Ireland, England, Desert Southwest, up and down the East Coast, all over New England, Canada etc., […]

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From Canon To Fujifilm.

Once a Canon guy always a Canon guy. Or so I thought. When I first picked up a camera back in 2008 it was a Canon. For the last 8 years I shot nothing but […]

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