Are You Having Vision(s)?

Okay, I admit it. Using “visions” in a title that evokes flashbacks to the 1970s involving Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” blasting out the windows of a shag-carpeted, moon-windowed van – just to get […]

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Preserving – And Discovering – Family History

Last July we sold my parents’ house. It had been our family homestead for 63 years. It was the only place my four siblings and I ever collectively knew as “home.” Every childhood memory for […]

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Changing Your Perspective

Perspective is a very important tool in composition. Changing your perspective can create very different images.  But to do so you must do two important things. The photograph below from late November 2015 is a […]

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My Digital Development Process

My Digital Development Process Way back in 2011, I wrote a quasi-tutorial on how I was using Adobe’s Lightroom to digitally develop my images. Given the numerous advances not just in Lightroom, but with camera sensors […]

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Don’t Hibernate – Create

Don’t Hibernate Christmas is over and, by now, everyone should have recovered from celebrating the start of the New Year. With that done, we enter the abyss. At least that’s what many photographers think, or […]

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Looking Beyond the Physical – Episode II

Looking Beyond the Physical – Episode #1 In the previous episode of Looking Beyond the Physical, which you can find here, I looked at the use of lines in the abstract side of composing my […]

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An Autumn Sampler

  As I write this we are drifting toward the middle of December without any snow in sight. This unnatural extension of the “stick season” provides more time to work through my “pile of leaves,” […]

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