About Us

The New England Photography Guild is made up of a group of photographers who share a passion for photography and a love of their native New England. We have come together as a group to present to you the best of New England through our photography.

We are located throughout New England, from the coastal bays and beaches of the South Coast, Narragansett Bay and Cape Cod to the rugged coast of Maine. From the fertile farmland of Connecticut to the land of Norman Rockwell in the Berkshires. From the Green Mountains of Vermont across the Connecticut River Valley to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  From the beginnings of the American fishing industry in Gloucester and Rockport to the historic  cradle of our democracy around Boston, Lexington and Concord. We present it all to you through our photography.

Our distinct 4 seasons bring about every scene you can imagine. We pride ourselves in our ability to capture every nuance from the winter snows to the explosion of color that is known world wide as “Foliage Season”. Because we are all native to our own areas we are able to bring you scenes that transient photographers cannot. So no matter what you’re looking for there’s a good chance you’ll find it here among the galleries of our accomplished photographers.